Such a great word. It sums up images of warm blankets, mugs of hot chocolate, log fires and a really good book. When I lived in Belgium ‘cocooning’ was a bit of a buzz word. Whole businesses were built on the idea of creating your own safe, warm, inviting space. There were even exhibitions, a bit like ‘Ideal Home’ celebrating all things comforting and relaxing. Things that were considered essential when nest building in your new apartment.

What the word ‘cocooning’ implies for me though is the concept of self-love. Taking time to really care for and nourish yourself on a deeper level than normally. It’s about disconnecting temporarily with the world outside, the relentless news updates, the phone that constantly demands your attention. It’s switching off from the stresses of daily life for a few hours and offering yourself a little self love. Whether it’s a warm bubble bath or an afternoon reading in front of the fire or a restorative yoga practice or a meditation such as ‘Loving Kindness’. It’s entirely up to you. The only essential element is that it makes you feel good about yourself.

Cocooning gives you the opportunity to relax completely. It soothes the overactive mind and refreshes the often fatigued body. Finding time truly for yourself is remarkably difficult. By discovering things that appeal to your senses, that you find pacifying and heart-warming, you can begin to experience the restoring, reviving power of self love.

Why not spend a little time making yourself a mood board or a Pinterest board.  Pin all the things that you’d like to have in your cocoon and discover the trans-formative power of self love.