How to find the right yoga class

Growing numbers of doctors are advising their patients to begin exercising to improve everyday well-being and help stave off future health problems like heart conditions, strokes and diabetes. Many of those doctors are suggesting yoga as an appropriate form of exercise because of its reputation for producing not only physical but positive mental benefits too.

Here are my Top 10 tips to finding the right yoga class for you

  1. Is it a small class?

  2. Is the clue in the name? Does it say ‘gentle’ or ‘accessible’?

  3. Can you phone the teacher for a chat about your health concerns and expectations before going along to a class?

  4. Does the teacher sound knowledgeable? Are they interested in your health concerns? Check the teachers qualifications, don’t be afraid to ask where they trained and how much experience they have.

  5. Can the exercises offered be modified for you if you find them too challenging?

  6. Do they use props such as chairs, blocks or bolsters in the class?

  7. What are the other students like? Are they all in their 20’s, a more even mix or are they all seniors?

  8. Can you try a class before signing up to see if it’s for you?

  9. Would your teacher be prepared to talk to your doctor about what is or isn’t appropriate for you?

  10. Do you like what you hear? Does it sound interesting, inspiring, beneficial?

If the answers to these questions are mainly ‘Yes’ then you’ve probably got nothing to lose.

Grab yourself a t-shirt, some stretchy or loose trousers and head on down to a class!