Thank you to the many lovely people I have been lucky enough to work with who have chosen to let me use their comments on their experience with Active Living with Yoga. If you would like me to add your comments, please get in touch using the contact page.

First time at yoga – after only a few weeks, I feel more flexible and energised.


Really look forward to yoga on Friday mornings. Lindsay is an excellent instructor and the class size is perfect – not cramped like some I’ve been to.


I am pretty new to yoga and had only been to 3 classes before coming to Lindsay’s class at Bearsden Hub. I love her style of yoga teaching – she is very relaxed and informal and really knows how the body works and how to get the best out of it. I have had postural backache for years ( I am a quilter so spend a lot of time bent over a table cutting fabric) but have found it much lessened thanks to Lindsay. The class is small enough for all of us to have space to move around and Lindsay is warm and friendly and very welcoming. I wish I had taken up yoga years ago and look forward to improving my technique under Lindsay’s excellent care.


I have regained a lot of flexibility and improved posture thanks to the Active Living with Yoga gentle/chair yoga classes. I cannot recommend Lindsay highly enough!


I have been very happy to discover this class at the age of 83. As it is chair yoga it has allowed me to return to the yoga I found so beneficial in younger years, but had to give up because of osteoporosis. Many of the exercises we do develop bone strength, which is a very welcome added bonus of this calming and nourishing class.


Lindsay’s class is my first experience of yoga. It has helped me greatly with my posture and balance. It has made me more aware of how my body works and how I can maintain good health. Lindsay is very knowledgeable in her field and her classes are warm and welcoming.


I really enjoy the Active Living with Yoga classes. You are not asked to do anything beyond your capability. I feel the exercises have helped improve my posture and mobility. I would recommend older people to give it a try!


First time doing yoga and really enjoying the class. I can really feel a difference after only a few weeks. Would recommend the class.